Who we are

At Aklill, we fuse heritage and environment into accessory products.

Our accessory choices tell the story of who we are – our taste, culture, history, and unique self. Aklill is a lifestyle brand where every product is woven with love, kindness, culture, environment, history and present in mind.

We commit to developing and promoting products made from sustainable and renewable materials with a focus on a bamboo resource.


At Aklill, we value quality ,customer satisfaction and sustainability. We take advantage of our deep rooted African history and culture to sustainably serve our customers’ needs through quality products .

Environmentally Friendly

Our focus on the environment and sustainability is what makes us stand out. Through our unique designs, we are the first brand in Ethiopia to introduce customary bamboo textile to create consciousness in the community.

History and Culture

Africa, a colourful continent with rich history and culture, is the inspiration behind our bold design. We take pride in our heritage and incorporate it into our designs to bring a beautiful touch to your everyday products.

Innovation and Creativity

Our innovation and creativity allows us to fuse together history, culture, and environment. Our desire to do and create more is the driving force behind our authentic products.

About Us

To consciously seek innovative ways to unlock the potential of the artisans and communities that we work with.  We aim to add value to traditional skills to improve our artisans’ economic performance and social well-being.

To create positive change in the world by sourcing products made from sustainable and renewable materials. We aim to promote the story behind our products and foster initiatives that conserve and protect the environment.

As an East African company, we commit to fostering partnerships that enhance local economies and encourage a deep appreciation and understanding of African art, culture and history.

At Aklill, we commit to developing and promoting products made from bamboo due to it’s environmental, social and economic benefits.


Message from the founder

Aklill was born from my passion for using sustainable materials to create beautiful and unique products. I aspired to find spaces where culture, sustainability and innovation overlap. At Aklill, we promote culture by designing products that are inspired by Ethiopian heritage. We support sustainability by using environmentally-friendly and renewable materials, such as bamboo. And we are innovative in the way we design our products and business.
I started this wonderful journey in 2018 with the establishment of Sheba Socks, which aimed to share heritage and inspire sustainable living through an everyday essential. I have since integrated more ideas and products that are inspired by culture and sustainability.
I hope you love our products as much as I do!

Yididiya Damtew, Founder

Rugs with history and style. You deserve it.

Kuriftu Cultural Village & Snap plaza ,Hi readymade.

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